1. StudyLib - is a platform that provides individuals and legal persons to use their resources as a virtual web server to use the documents placed right holders, on the basis of previously concluded agreements with them.
  2. User - a natural or legal person who, for a fee or free of charge (depending on the chosen rightholder of the basics of using the document) uses on this site StudyLib electronic documents.
  3. The legal owner - a natural or legal person who placed the online StudyLib electronic document.
  4. Parties - users and rights holders.
  5. Electronic document - information provided in electronic form suitable for human perception (read the review) with the use of electronic computers (hereinafter - the computer).
  6. The use of an electronic document - Access to read and / or review of the content of the electronic document, and if you agree Franchisor - just the ability to download a file with the contents of an electronic document and / or copying of the contents of an electronic document on a computer User.
  7. Account - the information necessary for the authorization and identification of users on the site StudyLib.
  8. Use of electronic documents via the website StudyLib https://studylib.net/ (hereinafter - site StudyLib, website)
  9. To work with electronic documents, the User is obliged to create an account on the site StudyLib.
  10. When you create an account on the site StudyLib, User is obliged to indicate valid data. In the case of non-compliance with this rule shall not apply to the User guarantees described in paragraphs 30 - 36 of this Agreement.
  11. The user is obliged to report any known StudyLib he attempts facts or unauthorized use of its account.
  12. The user has the right to upload electronic documents for personal and public use, with the exception of documents, containing pornography involved in any process of spam (e-mail spam, web spam, IM spam, etc..) Or copy-protected and violate the rights of third parties, including copyrights.
  13. StudyLib under no circumstances be liable for damages caused to the User as a result of unauthorized use of its account.
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